Essay about Evaluation Of Competencies Regarding Career Planning

Essay about Evaluation Of Competencies Regarding Career Planning

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Career Planning
The evaluation of competencies regarding career planning includes assessing the comprehension of the individual nurse has in regards to their position, the future goals of the nurse, what it will require to meet that goal. Understanding these three components are needed to have a career plan that will pave the way for attaining the goal (AACN, 2006). As a Director of Medical Management, my responsibilities fall into three main categories including clinical oversight, compliance and financial accountability.
Clinical oversight
Providing clinical oversight of both Medicaid and HealthCare Market Exchange programs, includes ensuring patients receive quality, medically necessary care in the most appropriate setting. It is necessary to have a solid clinical background, current knowledge of advances in evidence based clinical practice recommendations and new technology. In addition, fostering relationships with hospitals, providers and community resources assists in assurance patients have access to adequate health care providers. Accountability for adequate new hire training as well as ongoing development of nursing staff is imperative for quality care. Training and quality monitoring thus have a bidirectional relationship. There are additional opportunities for me to explore the data gathered during quality monitoring to effect change in the overall training programs as well as assessing individual nursing needs.
Ensuring all federal, state and accreditation standards are met requires an understanding of all regulatory standards. I am directly responsible for the development and implementation of the department policies and procedures and standard operating procedures. I am currently a voting memb...

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... lead to optimal influence in regards to the changes of todays, health care environment. Proficiency assessment tools such as the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory can provide the insight for nurses and nursing leadership to create individualized professional development plans. Through the use of this tool, I have set a personal goal to enhance patient outcomes as well as influence the work environment through development and implementation of shared governance. Tomajan (2012), expresses delight in the opportunities that have been enumerated on in this paper and as a nursing leader I share her sentiment. Just as Florence Nightingale rose to the challenges of healthcare in the 1800’s, todays “Nurse managers must not only fulfill their daily responsibilities, they must lead the change demanded that will secure a bright future for American health care.” (AACN, p.1).

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