Evaluation Of Client System And Community Resources Essays

Evaluation Of Client System And Community Resources Essays

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Agency Context


Goodwill Career Connections in Asheville, North Carolina helps community members overcome barriers to employment. Career Connections (CC) has four staff members, and I acted as the BSW intern. Staff members work with clients on job applications and resumes in a computer lab. An average of about 30 clients per day uses CC.

Assessment of Client System and Community Resources

CC is a well-known organization and a hub for the community. Staff connects many unemployed, low-income clients to resources in the community. CC partners with local agencies to provide food, housing, and clothing to those in need. CC also connects with transportation, drug rehabilitation, and prison transition services in the area

A large non-profit model, CC does not rely on outside sources for funding. Goodwill 's retail outlet sells used goods at discounted prices. The profits from the retail outlet fund CC. The retail outlet hires many CC clients, but CC staff only help with applications, they do not hire.

Assessment of My client

Danielle Evans entered CC for help with a job application to the retail outlet of Goodwill. Danielle, a transgender female, went through a basic computer lab orientation before using CC. Danielle was in a group of ten in orientation and was visibly uncomfortable throughout. She was shy, stood at the back of the group, and was hesitant when asking questions.

Identification of Key Players

James Brown

James is a white heterosexual male in his mid 40 's and is Christian. James is a full-time Career Specialist; he helps clients in the with job applications and resumes. Married with four children,

he needs his job to support his family. James does not have a college degree, is hard working, and frie...

... middle of paper ...

...em would attack their entire existence.

Many levels of influence shape the boys club 's behaviors (Cite). Individually they are conservative middle-aged men. Interpersonally their family groups and social groups consist of heterosexual conservative people. Institution, community, and policies all shape these men 's beliefs (cite). They live in a conservative state and work at a Christian founded organization. The dilemma with Danielle is occurring while North Carolina 's debate over bathroom laws.

Lack of exposure to transgender populations shapes members of the boys clubs ' social identities. Without exposure, these staff jokes about populations different than their own (cite). Their community, institution, and state policy all encourage heterosexism and conservative beliefs. Larger systems explain discrimination against Danielle; she was abnormal to the boys club.

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