The Evaluation Of Boeing Management Planning Essay

The Evaluation Of Boeing Management Planning Essay

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The Boeing Cooperation has many legal, ethic, and social responsibilities that impact their organization. This paper will discuss a few of their responsibilities and how they impact the Boeing Corporation management planning. There are also many factors that impact the Boeing companies strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Three of these factors will be analyzed and then discussed with in. With “Boeing being the world largest aerospace company and the largest manufacture of commercial jetliners and military aircraft” (WEC, 2005, CSR wire, ¶ 1), they have many divisions all across the world. Because of this world domination there are many issues that will affect the planning of Boeings’ management team and how the organization is run.
Social Responsibility
Boeing took a big step forward with the announcement relating to the joining of the World Environment Center (WEC), “a global non-profit organization that helps companies around the world implement environmentally sustainable business strategies and operations” (WEC, 2005,CRS wire, ¶ 1). With Boeing recognizing the major challenges facing the eco-system of the planet, aggressive but realistic targets for reducing the impact of Boeings operations and lifecycle of their products on the environment. By implementing the aggressive tactics, Boeing improved by 25 percent with solid waste recycling rate and by 2012 the company will increase energy efficiency by cutting greenhouse gas emissions along with comparable goals for hazardous waste reduction.
Boeing is embedding environmental thoughts and actions in employees by learning from them and enabling them to drive change. This affects the Managements planning by, enforcing new rules of the busi...

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