Essay Evaluation Of An Independent 72 Year Old Man, Mr. Allan

Essay Evaluation Of An Independent 72 Year Old Man, Mr. Allan

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An independent 72-year old man, Mr. Allan (pseudonym) was presented to the emergency department with progressively increasing shortness of breath (SOB) over the past few months. Initially shortness of breath was exertional however this shortness of breath has been worsening over the past week. He had an ongoing cough for one week. My essay will begin with a review of his presenting condition, patient history, and symptoms on arrival to Intensive care unit. I will also look at the patient investigations and assessment findings. Mr. Allan had a past medical history, including obesity, type II Diabetics for 10 years, hypertension, high cholesterol and mild asthma.

Mr. Allan was admitted to our Intensive Care Unit after a MET call from the ward. He was reviewed by our Registered Medical Officer(RMO). On physical examination, he had mild respiratory distress and could only talk in short sentences. His clinical observations were; GCS 15/15 Glasgow coma scale, Temperature 38°c, respiration rate 32-34 breath /minute, heart rate 100-110 beats /minute, blood pressure 90/50 mmHg, and Spo2 89-91% with 6L of oxygen via Hudson mask. The patient became more dyspnoeic. Hudson mask changed to None Breather Mask(NRBM). Arterial Blood Gas Analysis obtained and provided the following results: PH- 7.24, PaCo2- 55mmHg, Pao2 62 mm Hg, Spo2 - 81%, H co3 - 20.1 mm/L. On admission to our unit commenced for Frusemide intravenous infusion 10 milligrams per hour. He has very low urine output and pitting oedema. As per the patient 's Arterial Blood Gas result and continued to have difficulty in breathing, the patient was sedated and intubated was on mechanical ventilation for his respiratory support and management. Arterial Blood Gas repeated, there are no re...

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... a very common and significant diagnostic. It is evident that many body systems are affected by this complex disorder. Understanding the pathophysiology, risk factors and treatments for the acute kidney injury will be very important and relevant for us health care professionals. The nurses always play an important role in caring, patient with AKI. So they require substantial knowledge and skills for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). The patient undergoing CRRT requires unique nursing knowledge and skill to effectively manage their needs. Nurses must be able to appropriately manage the patient, the extracorporeal circuit, the vascular access and the management of therapy in progress. Vigilant assessment, monitoring, and ongoing treatment evaluation also must. Moreover, psychological support of family and patient is very important part of nursing care.

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