Evaluation Of An Effective Tool For Student Performance Essay

Evaluation Of An Effective Tool For Student Performance Essay

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It has been brought to the school’s attention that there is a need for a more perpetual and comprehensive assessment of students while they are served in the Gifted and Talented Program. Formative assessments provide opportunities to evaluate student performance while the students are being served in the Gifted and Talented Program. Portfolios are an excellent way to evaluate student performance while also helping self-direct their learning and there by improving students’ aim in attaining particular educational goals. Initial testing is conducted to determine placement when considering eligibility for placement in the program. However, our plight lies in the ability to formally document a student’s progress and involvement once they have entered and are participating in the program. An effective tool for documenting student progress and achievement in abstract disciplines is a portfolio. Portfolios are a way to showcase student work that meet specific criteria while also allowing the student to choose from their work samples. The portfolio provides a tangible representation of each student as well as evidence of educational progress. In other words, portfolios focus on the individuality of aptitudes of each student, which is a trait that has set this student apart from their peers and warranted service in the Gifted and Talented Program. (Paulson, Paulson, & Meyer, 1991) The school must endeavor to provide documentation of student growth and evidence of participation as the students move through the Gifted and Talented Program. There should be substantial data recorded throughout the time of Gifted and Talented Program services to provide a basis for continued placement and eligibility for the program. 25 Code of Federal Re...

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...e evidence necessary for determining continued eligibility and placement, student progress, and funding needs for the program. It will require a commitment of consistency from the staff and administrators to ensure the success of the reform plan so that determination of service and eligibility of students can be monitored. This reform will also provide the documentation necessary to secure funding each year from BIE. As requested by the Acting Lead Officer for the BIE, this reform will fulfill the regulations required to service students for Gifted and Talented services for Creativity/Divergent Thinking. This reform will also provide a prototype for developing similar assessments for servicing Gifted and Talented students in the other categories of Intellectual Ability, Academic Aptitude/Achievement, Leadership, and Visual and Performing Arts. (CFR 39.114, 2011)

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