Essay on Evaluation Of A Successful Research Study

Essay on Evaluation Of A Successful Research Study

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To conduct a successful research study it must go through a series of steps. Researchers must be responsible in terms of how they conduct their research, which includes the gathering of facts, the ethical treatment of what they are studying and of the participants. In the movie viewed in class, “Doctor Money and the Boy With No Penis,” it is obvious that Doctor John Money did not treat either Bruce or Brian Reimer properly. Taking advantage of Bruce’s malfunctioned circumcision, Doctor Money wanted to conduct research on his theory about what makes us a man from a woman, and if a boy can be raised as a girl. He developed a profound new theory on nature vs. nurture as he wished to explain how we think of ourselves as either a boy or girl. In regards to this assignment, the first part will seek to explain any possible ethical issues that can arise with a research project, such as the one conducted by Doctor Money. The first part will also draw upon Chapter 3 of, “Fundamentals of Social Research,” and will compare Doctor Money’s research with against ethical agreements and standards that prevail in Social Research. It shall also take into account the Tri-Council’s Policy on research ethics. The second part shall link the movie to methodological concept we looked over in class. Doctor Money’s research will attempted to link the methodological concepts specifically from Chapter 1 and Chapter 4. Finally, a connection between the two chapters and any possible issues that ascended within the video.
Prior to the second half of the twentieth century, there was no strong core in regards to what is morally and ethically accepted in terms with conducting research. Towards the second half of the twentieth century, a stand...

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...ed primarily on Bruce, as he was the one born as a boy and being changed into a girl. Doctor Money’s research can be considered inductive. The inductive method sees the researcher begin with specific ideas, creating a hypothesis to test and ending up with a conclusion that will go either with or against his theory. Doctor Money’s general idea was that nurture was more important than nature. He created a hypothesis that a child in their first two years after birth and depending on the way they are nurtured it will result in how the individual sees themselves as a boy or girl. Doctor Money used Bruce as his observation. He kept a close account of all the meetings and progress made by Bruce as he was growing up as a girl named Brenda. Doctor Money confirmed his theory in the book he wrote about the experiment that saw Bruce and Brain named as John and Joan.

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