Essay on Evaluation Of A Student With Learning Disabilities

Essay on Evaluation Of A Student With Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disability Case Study Analysis
The purpose this paper is to analysis a student with learning disabilities in an inclusive classroom. The fifth grade boy has difficulties in reading and math, and the child’s mother will need support understanding special education guidelines. The general schoolteacher will have the child for two periods in an inclusive classroom, but the teacher is apprehensive about modifying the curriculum for the special needs child.
Special Education Process
Children who have learning disabilities (LD) are given free specialized public assistance because the mandated Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). According to Heward (2013) “Teacher or parent reports concern with child’s learning, behavior, or development, or results of a screening test show possible disability” (p. 46). Once a parent or a school professional believes that a child may have a learning disability, an intervention meeting would decide his special educational needs. Educational professional must show suitable collaboration throughout the child’s assessment because the IEP’s process is lengthy. Also, the parent must give the school her consent before her child is evaluated for learning disabilities.
Evaluation and Eligibility for Special Education
The fifth grade boy has difficulties with reading, writing, and math problems, which indicates poor concentration issues or a learning disability. First, a Prereferral Intervention meeting (not required by IDEA) will check the child’s educational concerns, interaction, and behavioral issues. Moreover, the child’s screening should not have a biases approach, but a psychometric method because some evaluations are not accurate. Next, the child would be place in a clas...

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... require the parent consent, and IEP’s are state funded and 504 Plan is not). Needless to say, parents should choose the right plan or services for their child’s educational achievement (Understood Team, 2015).
The purpose this paper was to analyze a child with learning disability in an inclusive classroom. The Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) required schools to provide free special education for children with learning disabilities. The Multfactored Evaluation Process is not required by IDEA, but it help to determine if the child needs an IEP. The Evaluation Team Report (ETR) assesses the child’s current and previous learning behaviors, which the parents are an important role in this process. A Child’s IEP must include regular classes and activities, also accommodation and modification prepared for academic success.

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