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Evaluation Of A Student Letter Essay

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Guided by my team’s Public Health Nurses and Managers, during my Integration Practicum I have increased my knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of public nurses related to Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (CDIP) programs (Youth focus). I was working collaboratively with my CDIP Team to proactively contribute to the organization’s planning and implementation processes (such as meetings, professional events, various workshops, etc.). For example, I have revised and referenced the document about smoke- free housing in Ontario, as well as prepared presentation on the meeting related to the agency training workplans necessary for updating of Community/ School Consultation Tools. I was involved in a multidisciplinary team activities (FCG group meetings), gaining understanding of professional contribution of team members to the health and well-being of the youth clients in the City of Toronto.
I examined roles and activities of nurses in the frontline as well as at the outreach services. During YHAN focus group meeting, I recognized how nurses promote youth engagement, leadership, and skill building. By completing all necessary trainings, reviewing related documentations and reports, and attending training sessions (harm reduction, mental health, priority population training, facilitation session), I have increased my knowledge of health promotion measures and approaches to the different types of clients (aboriginal, racialized, foster care, LGBTTQ2S). By reviewing Toronto Public Health internal website I discovered various projects helpful to gain insight about public health nurses’ attempts to foster the comprehensive system which improve health and coping skills in different populations. I a...

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...ood how important was a successful communication, partnership, conflict resolution, ethical and legal considerations, effective planning, and respectful attitude for CDIP Team members in achieving the process outcomes. I gained knowledge of how PHNs can improve the health of population by being involved in political or social actions (Youth community activities, YELL).
I found that the LEADS theoretical framework along with the Community Health Nursing Standards were helpful in my professional growth, therefore served as a guidelines to increase self-awareness and self-regulation. I have also realized that SWOT analysis was a useful tool in assessing my strengths and diminishing weaknesses. Moreover, I became a member of RNAO (Community Health Nurses Initiative Group) to be aware of changes in policies, standards, and regulations as related to community settings.

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