Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Learning

Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Learning

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In the world of education, assessments play an integral role in student learning. To get the most out of assessments, they must be aligned with the standards, accurately measure what students know, as well as promote student learning (McTighe and O’Connor, 2005). In order to do this, it is important to include students in the assessment planning process. This should begin at the beginning of a unit with the pre-assessment and should be carried throughout the formative and summative assessments. Dr. Anne Davies believes that “when students are involved in the assessment process, they are more engaged and motivated, and they learn more” (Davies, 2007, p. 31). In my interdisciplinary unit, I attempt to include students in every stage of the assessments process beginning with the pre-assessment. It is my goal to include students in the learning to increase the engagement and ownership they feel.
Pre-Assessment One
My interdisciplinary unit covers both U.S. Government standards and English IV standards. In order to determine what my students know about the election process, I created a ten question pre-assessment quiz. This is a short answer, constructed response assessment that will require students to answer question about what they know. I chose this assessment style because it will provide me with information on what students know and how they feel about the voting and the election process (Laureate Education Inc., 2010). The questionnaire begins by asking students if they are eligible to vote and if the have or plan to vote in the next election. I begin by asking these questions so that I have a good understanding of students’ attitudes towards voting. Next, I ask a question about the elections to determine I students know when a...

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...o be improved. Both comments will be based on the descriptors in the rubric and will help student to set learning goals for themselves. Once students have reviewed classmates work, they will review their own and develop a plan to improve on their identified skills.
As educators it is important to provide our students with assessments that will help increase their learning. In order to do this student must have a role in their learning. Allowing students to take an active roll in the assessment process helps strengthen their learning. Giving student both pre-assessments and formative assessments that provide them with opportunities for continuous learning helps increase student engagement and interest. The more students we can engage in authentic learning experiences, the more students will be eligible to graduate and participate in life after high school.

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Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Learning

- In the world of education, assessments play an integral role in student learning. To get the most out of assessments, they must be aligned with the standards, accurately measure what students know, as well as promote student learning (McTighe and O’Connor, 2005). In order to do this, it is important to include students in the assessment planning process. This should begin at the beginning of a unit with the pre-assessment and should be carried throughout the formative and summative assessments. Dr....   [tags: Assessment, Summative assessment]

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