Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Data Review

Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Data Review

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Student growth in my class is the expectation, from pre- to post- tests , common assessments, quizzes, exit tickets, entrance tickets , warm ups and other formative assessments to the end of the year summative assessments, student growth is continually tracked and measured, my response to assessment results is driven by data. At the beginning of each school year I access the available data on the students who will be entering my classroom which is a very valuable tool in the planning process. Student data review provides a blue print of the students achievement, but more importantly it is a comprehensive evaluation of your instructional effectiveness which is critical to scaffolding learning throughout the school year.
Each year I complete a teacher profile which helps me to disaggregate my upcoming students data, however, I also do a thorough review of my student data from the previous year, to help gauge what I did well and what areas I may need to improve upon. Since the Teacher Effectiveness Measure is calculated using prior years data it is important to evaluate effectiveness to ensure that growth is appropriated. It is important for me to know each and every one of my students not only do I need to know their name, I need to know what they need to be successful and I also need to know their dream. Name, Need, Dream, these three factors give me access to the whole child and while data drives instruction, dreams drive success.
Upon reviewing my data I found that 17% of students were proficient or distinguished, the majority of students in these categories were ready to be accelerated in the areas of geography and history. This information was valuable because at the beginning of last school year I reviewed the Georgia Milest...

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...s the use of data tracking, review and reflection will be implemented , student commentary, pair and share activities, student facilitators and socrative discussions will be used to shape learning, differentiation will be implemented at all levels including the process and the product. Each student retains a copy of their own data chart which they use to chart their journey from the beginning to the end of each unit and at the end of each unit students reflect in writing on their growth, progress, and areas of improvement . In room 609, students push themselves because I know their names, I have researched and addressed their needs and I am invested in their dreams. In closing , assessments must be used as a responsive tool, not a reactive reproach, always leaving room for re-teaching in the assessment process, incorporating students needs, names and their dreams.

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