Evaluation Of A Research Study On Data From The Target Behaviors, Multiple Baseline Across Students Design

Evaluation Of A Research Study On Data From The Target Behaviors, Multiple Baseline Across Students Design

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The experimental design chosen to study the data from the target behaviors was multiple baseline across students design. The baseline was collected during a 20-minute period of homeroom while the students worked on independent seat work. Recruitment training was provided to students individually by the special education teacher in the special education classroom. The 20-minute instruction was provided over the course of two consecutive days during the general education classroom’s homeroom period. It involved three stages: instruction and role play, morning prompt, and end-of-the-school-day check and reward.
The first day of instruction and role play consisted of students being provided an explanation of the importance of seeking the teacher’s approval. Next, training involved the special education teacher providing instruction utilized a “think aloud” method to demonstrate how and why a student would want to seek the teacher’s approval. This stage also incorporated when to ask for assistance and model questions such as “How am I doing?”. The students were taught that there are three times when seeking teacher feedback is appropriate. The times were at the beginning of an assignment for clarification, half way through the seat work, and at the end of the worksheet. To ensure students’ understanding of these concepts, they were provided with examples and non-examples of various stages of worksheet completion. Students had to state if the worksheet was ready for teacher feedback. If the students thought the assignment was ready, they explained why. If the students believed the assignment was not ready, the students had to state why and when the assignment would be ready for teacher approval.
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... basis of expectations. Although, it also suggested. The authors also cautioned future researchers about using this information and remember that students with learn and/or behavioral disabilities may need to seek approval more frequently than other peers in the learning environment.
A few suggestions for future study were discussed. One was to instruct students to recruit peer approval. This would be most beneficial at the middle and high age group when peer approval is more important than adult acceptance. Another idea was to analyze the positive impact of teacher behavior such as rate of approval and instructional feedback because this study only focused on the teacher’s verbal praise. Last, the authors would be interested in a maintenance period over several months which also included other classroom subjects for instance math or reading not just spelling.

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