Essay on Evaluation Of A Research Design

Essay on Evaluation Of A Research Design

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Students will write an essay on any two of the research designs you studied during the year in this module. You will receive guidance for this assessment in lectures during the term. (1500 words)

Research allows for the undertaking of information-finding activities; establishing facts and reaching new conclusions. (Smith, M. 2010) It is important when conducting research to ensure to use the correct research design that will prove to be the most effective for the desired study being investigated. There are a number of different research designs; experimental, correlational, survey, observational, case study and ethnography.

Each research design has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending upon three conditions: the type of research question, the focus on contemporary as opposed to historical phenomena, and the control an investigator has over actual behaviour events. In terms of a case study as a research design, when the questions “how” or “why” are being posed, the investigator has little control over events, or the focus is on a contemporary phenomenon within a real life context, then case study is the preferred design approach. Case study research design can be distinguished from other research design approaches by these situations, although all research designs overlap in many ways and are not divided by strict boundaries. (Yin, R. 2009)

To help understand case studies, you must first ask the question what is a “case”? Case is a common word which we think we understand but in fact it is rather difficult to define. A “case” is a unit of human activity embedded in the real world which can only be studied or understood I context which exists in the here and now that merges in with its context so that precise boundari...

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