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Evaluation Of A Proposed Evidence Based Practice Essay example

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An evaluation plan has several essential components that must be taken into account, including methods to measure and evaluate the outcomes of a proposed evidence-based practice (EBP) or intervention and variables that may influence or impact the outcome of the implementation. In order for this writer’s proposal of adding alcohol disinfectant caps (ADCs) to the current central line care and maintenance bundle (CLCMB) to be implemented and evaluated effectively, she will need to address these crucial evaluation plan components. This paper will first describe the methods that will be used to evaluate the efficacy of her ADC implementation plan. Next, the specific variables that must be considered when evaluating the outcomes of her proposed intervention are addressed. Followed by a discussion of the education and evaluation tools developed to educate and assess the efficacy of the new practices.
Choosing the appropriate methods that will best measure and evaluate the effectiveness of a proposed practice implementation process and outcomes is vital to ensuring results are accurate and reliable (Marschall et al., 2014). The first method will be to obtain the central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) rates and central line (CL) days data from each unit for 6 months prior to and post ADC implementation. This enables CLABSI infection rates to be analyzed and compared before and after the intervention (Marschall et al., 2014). Another method will be performing a pre and post ADC implementation CLCMB documentation audit compliance using documentation from the intensive care unit (ICU) paper flow-sheet and from the electronic health record (EHR) for non-ICU acute care units. Currently daily visual CLCMB compliance aud...

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...have an evaluation form (Appendix H) to investigate the cause of the infection.  
Developing an evaluation plan includes choosing the appropriate methods to evaluate the results when implementing a new evidence-based practice or intervention. Variables that may influence the outcomes of the proposed practice must also be assessed. Creating educational and evaluation tools are also essential when developing an evaluation plan. Educational tools provide the key stakeholders with the necessary awareness, knowledge, understanding, and how to effectively utilize proposed intervention (Marschall et al., 2014). While evaluation tools assess the effectiveness and outcomes of the new practice. They also identify if any education or evaluation tool or process, needs to be modified. After an analysis of the evaluation tools, result are presented to key stakeholders.

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