Evaluation Of A Program For A Better Cohesive Health Care Teams Essay

Evaluation Of A Program For A Better Cohesive Health Care Teams Essay

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Description of the project

(TLO): Through shared adversity, groups who complete The Program will develop into more cohesive health care teams and will embody the spirit of teamwork and dynamic leadership. This bond of trust within the team will be apparent by their elevated performance and common vision which is imperative in the healthcare system.

The Program provides experiential and classroom training through a two-day evolution. On the first day, each person is issued instructional materials, a nametag, and athletic apparel. The classroom portion begins with an ice breaker and introductions, followed by a classroom session on leadership and followership. After lunch, the teams proceed to the field portion of the teamwork training program. A thorough safety brief is included at this point. The field portion takes the remainder of the afternoon and the day ends with a thorough debrief to emphasize lessons learned and to preview the next day’s session. The second day commences with a classroom teamwork lesson and a team problem solving exercise. In the afternoon, the group will move back to the field for the stressful Judgement Day assessment. The Judgement Day exercise is the final test for the group and is a practical application of what they have learned in a stressful and adverse environment. At the conclusion of this final exercise, teams present their own lessons learned and the facilitators close with a thorough debrief and evaluation of the progress and performance of the group (The Program).

In completing The Program, these units will be forged together through the shared adversity and teamwork out of necessity. Through these two short days, the experiences of working together to accomplish a task and so...

... middle of paper ...

...iences in The Program.

Along with the surveys, we will be conducting evaluations at the conclusion of The Program to evaluate our effectiveness and the attitude of the participants with respect to The Program. Results of this evaluation will be used to improve future iterations of The Program and to measure our own success at helping the participating organization achieve the intended outcomes.
Finally, we will be using multiple presentations in a classroom setting in order to establish our goals and expectations for this type of training. This will allow participants to understand the theory behind the training and the goals Program leadership would like to accomplish. By providing this information to the participants, The Program will be able to tailor the training in order to meet the goals and expectations of the sponsoring organization

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