Evaluation Of A Performance Management System Essay

Evaluation Of A Performance Management System Essay

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1.Performance management (PM) has to do with the never-ending process of setting goals and objectives of the organisation, ensuring that employee’s activities are in alignment with the goals of the organisation (Aguinis, 2012). The interviewee works as a sales consultant.
Strategic congruence – is about ensuring that the system used should be in agreement with that of the organisation’s strategy (Aguinis, 2012). The interviewee perceived the performance management system of the company as positive because it helps, builds and guides them on how to achieve required goals for the company. Chang, Shao & Chan (2014) argues that the PM system of companies should trigger a job performance that is consistent to the organisational strategy and goals. Therefore the company goals link to employee goals. For example, the line manger ensures that the amount of cases for the individual amounts to the company’s target every month. However it may sometimes become a disadvantage to employees who do not reach the target.
Thoroughness- involves the evaluation of both manager and employee, the evaluation of all job responsibilities, performance spanning the entire review period and giving feedback and recommendations where needed (Aguinis, 2012). Employee performance in the company is evaluated by the sales manager and also the sales manager’s performance of the company is evaluated by the branch manager. Individuals who manage to get more than required cases receive recognition whereas those who could not even reach the target are given further coaching and ways to improve. Alston & Barbara (2008) argues that a good PM system should give feedback that will motivate the employee, but also confront and eliminate performance pr...

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...ents (Aguinis. 2012). In this way organisations know where and how to make changes to adopt and keep up with organisational goals an objective.
It has been shown that the continuous process of setting goals and making sure employees work toward organisational goals (PM system) is only successful when its components work hand-in-hand. Positive PM System continue to enhance employee productivity and keeping the organisation competitive in the market. By the flow of each component, it is clear that when one component is lacking or perceived negatively, the rest of the components will automatically lack. Therefore positive PM systems should be the ones to be implemented in organisations as it helps fulfil the purposes of the organisation. This is evident from the above positive outcomes such as employee motivation and satisfaction, productivity and competiveness.

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