Evaluation Of A Patient With Anemia And Metastasized Cancer Essay

Evaluation Of A Patient With Anemia And Metastasized Cancer Essay

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Being vulnerable is an experience every human being encounters in his or her lifespan. According to Sellman (2005), all individuals are vulnerable and exposed to numerous risks like activities of daily living (ADLs) without the feasibility of being harmed ever disappearing (p. 3). Sellman (2005) suggests the importance of labelling patients as “more-than-ordinarily vulnerable” as they require the assistance of health care professionals to maintain their normal everyday function and for protection (p. 4). Although the author is not right or wrong, vulnerability is an ambiguous, multifactorial concept that differs among diverse patients and contexts. In regards to a patient with anemia and metastasized cancer, Sellman’s view of patient vulnerability is oddly contradictory pertaining to this clinical experience. Consequently, the aim of this paper is to analyze Sellman’s article to reveal advantages and disadvantages in its implications on this patient and the nurse’s role in encountering patient vulnerability in clinical practice. The ability to analyze Sellman’s concept of vulnerability is relevant as it reveals positive and negative components in relation to this clinical experience.
Advantages in Sellman’s Vulnerability Viewpoint
There are obvious advantages associated with Sellman’s vision of vulnerability on the ramifications of this nursing practice. The first advantage is the idea that Sellman (2005) theorizes three categories of vulnerability; type I risk of harm in which a person through his/her action has a chance to protect himself/herself; type II risk of harm in which a person’s security depends on the actions of others; type III harm is an event in which the person is deemed powerless (p. 4). Application of Sellman’s v...

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...’ objective assessment of the patient. It is crucial to analyze and understand vulnerability and the implications on nursing practice. Sellman’s article suggests advantages of classifying patients as “more-than-ordinarily vulnerable” through categories of risks and the significance of nursing roles to not inhibit human flourishing. On the other hand, Sellman does not portray the importance of subjective vulnerability, potential nursing staffs’ vulnerability, and the significance of encouragement in nurse-patient relationship. Sellman’s concept of vulnerability associates with the patient’s circumstances; however, it may not be substantial support for other diverse patients that rely more on subjective vulnerability. Therefore, nurses need to utilize more than one concept, model, theories that corresponds to his/her belief in order to guide his/her nursing practice.

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