Evaluation Of A Nurse Patient Relationship Based Off Of Mutual Trust And Respect

Evaluation Of A Nurse Patient Relationship Based Off Of Mutual Trust And Respect

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This course challenged me to visually portray or draw what caring in nursing means to me. My initial drawing of caring focused on physical interventions such as assessing and reassessing the patient. I knew that caring was crucial and that it consisted of more than just nursing interventions, but I was still having difficulty in defining “caring” and depicted it as being solely beneficial to patients.
My original picture included the word, “acceptance.” Acceptance is a part of caring and is described in Leininger’s Transcultural Nursing Theory. Leininger understood that each person is a unique individual and that their differences should be appreciated in order to build a nurse/patient relationship based off of mutual trust and respect (Bailey, 2009). Her theory advocated for providing not only culturally competent care, but also patient-centered care (McCance, McKenna, & Boore, 1999).
Caring that is patient-centered has the potential to benefit more than just the patient. Milton Mayeroff’s Philosophy of Caring explains caring as providing growth for both the patient and the nurse. However, Mayeroff’s idea of growth could also be applied to an idea or be philosophical in nature (Bailey, 2009). Like Mayeroff, Boykin and Schoenhofer also knew that caring could be mutually beneficial for both the nurse and the patient. They believed that the best way to achieve caring in nursing was to utilize a holistic approach that centered on the individual as a whole (Bailey, 2009). They wished to veer away from science and medicine’s focus on the individual as being composed of organ systems (Schoenhofer, 2014).
Rather than just placing emphasis on patients’ physiology, Watson’s Theory of Human Caring stressed the importance of the individual...

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...f the spark grows in regards to caring this would be a positive impact. If the spark is not nurtured, it will die out and neither party will be transformed emotionally or spiritually. The energy behind the hands represents mutual exchange, which can only occur when a nurse truly “knows” both her patients and herself.
This course has taught me that while some people may be more sensitive and emphatic, caring is not exclusively innate, and can be taught and/or improved (Finfgeld-Connett, 2008b). Even a very caring nurse is still learning daily from his/her patients, as he/she encounters new, unique individuals and unfamiliar situations. At times it may be perplexing to attempt to understand what our patients are thinking, feeling, and/or experiencing, but the time invested will be well worth the effort as both parties will be rewarded both emotionally and spiritually.

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