Essay on Evaluation Of A Medical Technician Program At Valencia College

Essay on Evaluation Of A Medical Technician Program At Valencia College

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While attending high school I always wanted to work in the healthcare field. I completed an emergency medical technician program at Valencia College. I started working at Florida Hospital Orlando (FHO) as a psychiatric technician in their behavioral health unit. While working at FHO I meet many nurses, I saw what they did, and desire grew on me to become a registered nurse. The path into becoming a registered nurse was a very confusing process for me because there are three entry levels of nursing, the bachelors science nursing (BSN) degree route, the associates degree (AD) route, and the diploma in nursing, which is basically a hospital based nursing school (Black, 2010, p. 60). After observing the available options and doing research of the three different programs I decided to attend an AD program at Keiser University. The reason I went this route was because in two years of nursing education it permitted me start working in the clinical setting as a nurse. On April, 2015 I graduated Keiser University Orlando, and on May 2015 I obtained my RN licensure from the state of Florida. On May, 2015 at FHO I got promoted to Registered Nurse in the Vascular Thoracic Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The American Nurse Association (2010b) continues to promote that the baccalaureate degree is the entry degree (p. 14). Therefore, I decided to return to Keiser University to complete their RN to BSN program, which “mission is to educate registered nurses at the baccalaureate level and to provide direction and leadership to encourage promotion of the professional standards of nursing embraced by its members thereby enhancing their ability to achieve growth and success in their careers” (Keiser University, 2015, p.1). Completing this p...

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...btain a Master of Science nursing degree at Adventist University in Orlando, Florida. The CRNA program is my last educational goal. The reason I want to become a CRNA is to perform at a higher level of commitment, responsibility and autonomy. Dedicating my skills one patient at a time, ensuring there are pain free during certain procedures, surgeries, and labor process.
• Personal
By summer of 2017 I would like to experience travel nursing. Travel nursing could help me expand my knowledge in cultural diversity, as well be exposed to other types of healthcare systems.
• Leadership
On January, 2017 I plan to start training to become a relief charge nurse in my unit Vascular Thoracic ICU. Becoming a charge will help me to improve my leadership skills, by ensuring that other nurses complete their duties at which they’re appointed, and grow as a leader (Fowler, 2010).

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