Evaluation Of A Interview And Test And Graft Two Modules Essay

Evaluation Of A Interview And Test And Graft Two Modules Essay

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Question 2: If you were asked to consult with the project team, what would you recommend to them?

Recommendation 1: Remove a biography-oriented in-depth interview and test and graft two modules in one panel interview
Since the selection process already includes a panel interview, a biography-oriented in-depth interview, a simulated group exercise, and a test, there would be a large amount of costs and time to invest. Also, a biography-oriented in-depth interview takes a long time and this should be either placed in the final selection stage for those who have passed all the selection procedures. The panel interview already gives many chances to measure the candidates’ task performance and problem-solving ability since they will evaluate the competencies based on the critical-incident-technique. It already takes up more than one hour and a half for each person to finish up the panel interview, and they will give similar questions for the remaining dimensions which it has a lot of time cost. Moreover, the testing procedure module can combined with a simulated group exercise module. Since the last module is to see candidate’s intelligence and the personality, form groups of few candidates to solve a case. This will show each candidate’s teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills. However, this should be examined by two same interviewers who conducted a telephone interview with those candidates, because these two interviewers would have a solid ideas of which candidates are the best qualified from their subjective judgement in two steps. The company should follow the content validity in their selection process in order to be a reliable and consistency between the test items and problems were asked in previous. In addition, ...

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...agement employees in a particular job requirement in a long-run. It is important to have the job descriptions of every position and department of the multinational should have their own unique requirements. For example, the position of regional head of purchasing should have a strong negotiating and communication skills to buy products and sign a contract with vendors, and know the market trend of the particular region. Thus, the dimensions for this position should contain technical and vocational skills, social competencies, leadership competencies, communicative competencies, flexibility, and adaptability. If those specifications are not matched to each position, overall company’s validity, value, productivity, and morale will decline. It is equally important to find out how much candidates are willing to learn about distant country’s culture, language, and customs.

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