Essay on Evaluation Of A Evaluation Plan

Essay on Evaluation Of A Evaluation Plan

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Developing an Evaluation Plan
“Evaluation plan is the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of program, services, policy, or processes, in order to make judgments about the program/process, improve effectiveness, and/or inform decisions about future development” (Bowen, 2012, p.12). So developing evaluation an plan is crucial in this project because this will tell the what the impact of physical activities has on the elderly patients with or without Alzheimer`s disease and the actual changes that need implementation. As many literature appraised, most of them show positive impact but in this case, it would be or won`t be the case. That is why evaluation is very important to look at every aspect of the research conducted that is reducing errors and bias. So in the paper, will focus on the effectiveness of the evaluation methods, variables to be evaluated, developed tools used in educating the participants and the developed assessment tools aimed at evaluating the outcome.
Methods Used to Evaluate Effectiveness of Proposed Solution
To make sure that the evaluation of the proposed solution is effectiveness, it is very important that the stakeholders and the researchers are at the same page. The intended purpose of the evaluation is stakeholders’ identification for the evaluation, choosing evaluation questions and how the evaluation activities are timed. “It is critical that the program is transparent about intended purposes of the evaluation. If evaluation results will be used to determine whether a program should be continued or eliminated, stakeholders should know this up front” (CDC, 2016, p.7). So to make this possible, stakeho...

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...f the tools to put them around the hospital and also for patients, around their home.
Assessment Tool(s) Necessary to Evaluate Project Outcomes
Evaluations will be done during and after the project is done. Different tools will used according to the participants’ preference and need. Interviews will mostly be done with the elderly patients with or without Alzheimer’s disease and their family members. Surveys and questionnaires will be used mostly for the staff but also for family members or patients who are able to read and write.
Evaluation plan is necessary for the project because it will detect how well or how horrible the outcome will be. So the life of the project depends on it. The reliability and validity of the project will be determined at this point.

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