Evaluation Of A Employee Performance Appraisal Essay

Evaluation Of A Employee Performance Appraisal Essay

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Employee Performance Appraisal
There are many considerations an organization must take in the design of an employee performance appraisal. In addition to ensuring the appropriate components, organizational leaders should emphasize the standard, fair, and frequent use of the appraisal in order to realize its full potential and reduce legal risk. The attached performance appraisal has been designed to evaluate a relationship manager (RM) at Pacific Pulmonary Services (PPS). The key components include basic employee information, sales performance objectives, competencies based on company values, developmental achievements and future goals related to sales, values, and personal development, stakeholder feedback, employee and manager comments, and signatures.
Basic Employee Information
It is necessary to appropriately identify the employee being appraised along with their title, department, and supervisor. Correctly documenting the evaluation period may be the most critical element in this section, particularly if there was a future employee dispute regarding negative feedback or a performance improvement plan. The consequences of excluding this section are obvious as improper identification of the employee or evaluation period could invalidate the entire appraisal.
Performance Objectives
Since the RM is a sales role, it is appropriate to include a measurement and assessment of results. The RM is responsible for attaining new patient growth in three categories. These three categories are weighted equally and the total score represents the overall sales performance. The opportunity is given to comment on any extenuating circumstances related to performance and

key accomplishments. Without this section, PPS would be at a ...

... middle of paper ...

...ease employee productivity and reduce turnover (Ahmed, Hussain, Ahmed, & Akbar, 2010).
Gathering signatures from all parties is essential to the appraisal process. The consequences of not doing so are similar to the employee information section. The entire process could be invalidated. A human resources signature is key to ensure proper protocols have been met and that the appraisal is stored for reference.
The proper use of the attached appraisal form should be an effective way for PPS to evaluate and monitor RM performance. The exclusion of any of the outlined components could result in negative consequences for both PPS and the RMs. If executed well, the process could encourage employee development, help PPS identify and reward top performers, promote strategic alignment with company values, and hold RM’s accountable to sales growth.

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