Evaluation Of A Competent Nurse Practices Relationship Centered Care Essay

Evaluation Of A Competent Nurse Practices Relationship Centered Care Essay

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This week’s competency is no. 7 - A competent nurse practices relationship-centered care (OCNE, 2013). This week I was at the medical floor at Mercy and the client I focused on was someone with several complications, not to mention unable to speak for himself and confined to his bed. I was very interested in his profile and I thought it was my opportunity to challenge myself. Using the competency between the client and myself was difficult because of the situation, however, I was able to make a relationship-centered care with the client’s wife. The client’s wife was also the decision-maker and she’s by his side day and night. Although it seemed that the wife was difficult to work with because she basically did everything for him regardless of the physician’s orders, this did not stop me from creating a working relationship with her.
In the dimensions of competency no.7, a competent nurse creates a good relationship with client and family through assessment of readiness, striving for the continuous development of a relationship and advocating for family and client with respect to their uniqueness and values (OHSU, n.d.). Since I already made the decision of focusing my clinical assessment on this client, I wanted to create ways on how to best care for him. Using my knowledge and skills, I always did my assessments by politely communicating with the client and wife and sending good vibes by projecting positive energy.
Before the day shift started, the night shift reported to the day shift nurse that the client’s wife had always been in the client’s room. She further informed us that the wife makes all the decisions and refused PEG tube feeding. I got the sense that the wife might be quite control...

... middle of paper ...

...f too much or too little, and (3) be faster and proficient in my technique in droplet and contact isolations.
I believe there are much harder cases out there that involve very difficult family members and have different cultures than what I know. When encountering a similar situation as this clinical week, I have to think of the uniqueness of each person – the client and family members. I cannot be thinking over the top of my head that I know how it goes already because every experience is different.
Just like the people of the world, we are all unique and we must respect each other for our differences. Knowing that, I also believe that we are all connected by the same basic values of wanting to be treated kindly, be respected, and be dignified. Whatever makes us scared, we should conquer it because only when we cross the barrier will we see the beauty inside.

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