Evaluation Of A Case Management Supervisor Essay

Evaluation Of A Case Management Supervisor Essay

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This document has been prepared based on the information and knowledge that I have gained via my interactions with Human Options team members, review of the organizational website, annual reports, documentations and the advertised job profile of Case Management Supervisor. Some of the aspects detailed will undergo a change, in the face of actual data.
• As a Case Management Supervisor, I would aim to gain an understanding, refining or defining, as the case may be, the core measurement metric for the effective performance of Human Options. A clear measurement metric would comprise of numerical goals, in addition to certain non-numerical goals which are all derived from data analysis. Some of the numerical goals could be as follows:
a. What percentage of domestic abuse survivors reach out to Human Options?
b. Of the individuals who have experienced violence and who reach out to Human Options, how many are enrolled for the 30-days Emergency Shelter program?
c. Of the cases enrolled for the 30-days program, how many transition to the 6 months transitional housing program?
d. Of all cases enrolled for the transitional housing program, how many go on to acquire permanent housing? (Measure of rehabilitation in all probability is a non-numerical metric)
Of the above listed and more relevant metrics derived from the data analysis, we can identify the key metrics that define and determine the success stragegies and programs of Human Options.

• The key metrics would always be an outcome, caused by many factors such as resource availability, organizational systems, financial capability, employee performance and so on. My role as a supervisor is to attain a state of optimum pertaining to these factors, through continuous and...

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a. Promote best practice research by creating communication avenues to share important information, implementation issues and or discuss promising practices via a local community web resource calendar.
b. Engage and educate the community. Also provide opportunities for direct client or community member feedback and welcome community particiaption in orgnizational and program level policy discussions and implementation.
c. Secure commitment and engagement from key stakeholders by hosting a strategic planning session to review and assess the existing system of service provision.
d. Strengthen communication with partners and stakeholders like donors by sending reports ( like planned vs actual) which will help in increasing visiblity and fortifying trust amongst us

• All the above tasks need to be performed consistently, and for a sustained period of time.

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