Essay about Evaluation And Evaluation Of Patient Safety Data At The Unit Level

Essay about Evaluation And Evaluation Of Patient Safety Data At The Unit Level

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EP20EO: Clinical Nurses are involved in the review, action planning, and evaluation of patient safety data at the unit level


Nursing at HVSH is involved in the review, action planning, and evaluation of patient safety in a continuous process of improvement regarding patient safety and satisfaction. Guided by patient safety data when in transit, the DMC upgraded the patient tracking system in June of 2012. Initiation of the state of the art Teletracking XT software program allows staff to track the location of patients before, during, and after tests and procedures. Additionally, Teletracking XT assists in bed placement upon admission and alerts staff regarding isolation precautions or other pertinent patient attributes. The ensuing result helps to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. Patient flow management ensures that patients are placed correctly upon admission - meaning fewer inpatient moves within the building and better continuity of care. Providing safe, timely, effective, and efficient care is a priority for nursing at HVSH.


Prior to Teletracking XT, communication regarding bed placement occurred by telephone. Unit population numbers were available, but not always accurate regarding patient discharge times. The unit profile regarding the location of patients having off-unit tests or procedures was on a paper log filled out by transportation. Necessary communication between nursing and transportation meant that transportation had to find the nurse for a short report on how to transport and what isolation precautions were necessary. Additionally, patients with more than one test would often come back to the unit only to leave again for another test possibly in the same are...

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...taught to all existing staff members between February and April of 2012. Different uses of Teletracking XT require more or less access given by our in-house administrator and manager of transport, Matt Mc. Matt maintains the systems access, employment changes and monitors the paging system that alerts the units to an admission order. Jodie maintains and tweaks the protocols that our staff follows.
Teletracking XT uses an electronic notification to convey communication between requestor and transporter. When a test or discharge occurs, Teletracking XT creates a request, and prioritizes a list of transport needs. A transporter is notified using a pager and dispatched from any area of the hospital to the targeted area. The transporter is able to log information regarding delays or progress regarding transport, and timer activation allows accurate data regarding both.

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