Essay on Evaluation And Evaluation Of Client

Essay on Evaluation And Evaluation Of Client

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CM normally meets with the client every Wednesday for face to face meeting. Last Wednesday, September 14, 2016, client was no show. On 9/15/2016, client walks into the social services and CM completed Bi-Weekly ILP Review and obtains more information to complete initial psychosocial evaluation. At about 11am, client walks in the social services office to complete psychosocial evaluation and bi-weekly ILP Review. CM observed that the client had bruises and scratches in her face. CM inquires what happened, client become emotionally teary and mention to this writer she was jumped by two unknown female yesterday. Then client say that she doesn 't want to talk about it. CM continues to ask the client about the incident. Then, client mention yesterday, she was walking around Brownsville Area around the Project when she was approached by a guy, who was flirting with the client. Then the guy came close to the client and holds the client by her arm. Client stated she tugs her arm away from the guy. Client continues to say that the guy felt rejected and look at the client and say to the client "she is a transgender freak". Client continues to report she hit the guy. Client continues to report that the guy refuses to hit her back but the guy had two female friends across the street, and he called them to jump the client. Client continues to report she fought the two girls and one of them had a blade and she was lucky they didn 't cut her in her face. Client also stated Police Officer was called but she didn 't file a report. CM inquires the reason client didn 't file a report. Client stated this is what she goes through most of the time because of her gender preference the police officer will remove client from the area and put...

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...medication was prescribed.

SUBSTANCE: Client reported she smoke Marijuana daily. Client will be referred to see the onsite MICA worker for an initial assessment.

Other: Client is aware that she needs to submit monthly attendance and toxicology report from St. Martin de Porre Program.

REVIEW ILP AND CLIENT RIGHTS AND CLIENTCODE OF CONDUCT: CM reiterates the shelter rule and regulation and for the client to adhere to the 10pm curfew. CM also reiterates to the client that she must meet with CM every Wednesday for face to face meeting.

WORKER ASSESSMENT: Based on CM observation and the client verbally communicate that sometimes she feels that people is judging her due to her gender identity. Client is a good candidate for SRO that offers LGBTQ counseling.

CM reviewed the Bi-Weekly ILP Review. Client agreed and signed. Next Bi-Weekly ILP is scheduled for 9/28/2016

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