Evaluating The War in Iraq

Evaluating The War in Iraq

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Evaluating The War in Iraq

Is the war in Iraq right? Is this not a form of terrorism?, to have U.S. troops stationed in Iraq for six year now. How about pushing our system of government onto another country, isn’t that a form of terrorism? Isn’t this wrong of the US and our fellow Americans to still believe that we’re doing the right thing, when we’ve never received a straight answer as to why we’re even in another country fighting? These are all questions we should be asking, and the answer should be, that it’s morally wrong of the U.S. to be doing so. However, many of us Americans are too blind to see this, to ask these questions, and to do something powerful about it. Many seem to look at it as though, the middle east has done wrong to us, so we must do wrong to them.

In addition, after the September 11th attacks, the United States government took it upon it’s self to punish those terrorist held responsible for it’s attacks. Among these people are: Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and anyone that represented the Al-Quaeda organization. Nevertheless after searching out these terrorist, we took them into our country, into our prison systems, and into our courts to hold justifications over their heads. Each one dying for the terror they imprinted into our once great nation. However is this really morally right? To take away life?, I don’t believe so, but our government and many others do. This is not a justification for any action.

Consequently, after finding and executing all of our said terrorist, it wasn’t enough. The U.S. took it upon it’s self to begin an unexplained war with the middle east on March 19th, 2003. And what is the reason for this? Honestly there is no true reason for this. The U.S. has been given so many reasons that the government tried to justify and that us, Americans bought into. For instance, at first we went to Iraq to find WMD’s. However there was no proof of this only suspicion. And after said invasion, there was still no evidence of WMD’s. So, moving forward, the U.S. quickly kept troops stationed in Iraq for a second reason. Which accordingly, the number of terrorist were growing. Namely they have grown and still remain at large. Finally, there were more foolish reasons about oil and other nonsense that could not reach any justification.

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Yet no one pressured into this and our nation kept their voices silent.

However, isn’t it infused in us as children to know and comprehend what is right and wrong, and to ask questions to reach a justification? Maybe it’s just me, but I remember lessons about making moral judgments in both public and Sunday school. And it seems as though, while many of us age, we forget our lessons and learn to only pursue in what we believe or are told to believe in without a second thought. Generally speaking doesn’t this show that our country has amplified with each growing generation that we become increasingly more deficient in making any strong moral judgments, especially with this given war?
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