Essay on Evaluating The Leading Online Trading Broker

Essay on Evaluating The Leading Online Trading Broker

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Instaforex Review: Evaluating The Leading Online Trading Broker in Asia

With a daily turnover in excess of $5 trillion, Foreign Exchange market is by far the largest market in the world. In simple words, Forex is a global market for trading one currency for another at current or determined exchange prices. The trading takes place through brokers, which are firms that act as the middleman between traders and the market to allow them to sell and buy currencies. In this Instaforex review, you 'll find all you need to know about one of the largest binary options brokers in Asia.


Instaforex is a leading Forex broker based in Kaliningrad, Russia. Ever since its inception in 2007, the trading company has garnered worldwide acclaim receiving several prestigious awards. World Finance Awards recognized Instaforex as a leading broker by awarding it with The Best Broker in Asia for several years in row. Moreover, they also received recognition wining prestigious awards such as Eastern Europe, Best Retail Forex Broker, and Best Broker in CIS among many others.

Writing this Instaforex review, the number of registered users on the trading platform took me by surprise. With more than 2 million traders and over a thousand more signing up every day, the online trading mogul continues its growth making it a power to be reckon with in the foreign exchange market.

The Trading Platform

First, the Instforex website has a sleek, professional design that 's certainly visually appealing. In addition to English, the website is available in no less than 40 languages, a rather unprecedented number in the industry.

The trading itself is conducted using the newest version of Meta Trader, one of the top trading platforms worldwide. This terminal ...

... middle of paper ...

...nt at Forex market" on the home page.

The website also offers many incentives to new clients, which is a bit alarming. Basically, if you 're offering top-notch trading service, why do you need give so many bonuses and prizes to potential clients? One might argue that 's a good marketing strategy but we see no need for it.


We 're ending this Instaforex review with a summary that highlights a few key points about one of the leading online trading businesses around. Instaforex achieved worldwide recognition with an enormous client base combined with wining some of the most prestigious awards in the financial circle. Moreover, although there are a few downsides, Instaforex 's positives outweigh the negatives. Website, trading platform, bonuses, customer support, as well as so many great features make them a great choice for professional and beginner traders.

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