Evaluating The Culture Of The First 3s Essay

Evaluating The Culture Of The First 3s Essay

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Standardize: This is the way in which procedures are established and communicated to continue the culture of the First 3S which is the way things are done. The purpose of this is to create consistency in work procedures which is the red-tagging, the organizing and the cleaning.
Sustain: Visual control boards such as posters, message boards, signs and audits are needed to ensure discipline in the employees so as to maintain the consistency of the 5S. Fein, M (2015).
Heijunka (To level): This is another means of eliminating deadly waste in the organization, leveling in an organization is needed to maintain stability because of the changes in the demand of the customers. Heijunka is needed in order to make standardization or just-in-time possible. Leveling can be achieved by looking at the average demand levels and understanding the Takt time. Liker & Meier (2006). Also, understanding the variations in demand and manufacturing products according to average demands leads to Heijunka. The importance of Heijunka is that reduces the waste of inventory and overproduction. It also reduces the waste of waiting because it allows workers to know what to do at the right time. Liker & Meier (2006).
Plan, Do, Act, Check Technique for Problem Solving
This cycle was developed by Edward Deeming its main aim is to study a problem and plan a solution. The way this cycle can be used to eliminate waste in Toyota is to first develop
Action Plan: Developing an action plan enables Toyota to identify the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem gives details of what, who, when, where, why and how. The answers to this detail gives way to forming two kinds of solutions which are the short-term countermeasures and the long-term counterme...

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As we all know that the main goal of lean accounting is to improve total quality at low cost while maintaining the exact lead time. All this is necessary to add value to the customer and the society at large. The Elimination of the Muda to reduce cost is one of the great philosophies of the Toyota production system. This is because the elimination of waste, improves team work, improves the relationship with suppliers, helps maintain customer’s loyalty as well as drives continuous improvement in the organization. The way in which Toyota has been achieving success with the elimination of waste has been through their core values of putting their customers want and need first and foremost in what they do, having respect for humanity, developing various waste reductions and problem solving technique, through innovations and continuous improvement.

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