Evaluating The Cpoe Implementation Process At University Health Care System

Evaluating The Cpoe Implementation Process At University Health Care System

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1. How might you evaluate the CPOE implementation process at University Health Care System? Give examples of different methods or strategies you might employ.
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), is also known as Computerized Provider Order Management (CPOM). CPOE is a process of automated or electronic entry record of health care physician on different types of instructions on how to treat patients, especially patients that are hospitalized under a physician’s care. CPOE is one of the most remarkable system that is being used in the healthcare system to effectively reduce the amount of medication errors. The University of Health Care System might be in the process of rolling out the CPOE portion out of the EMR project, however, they did not do a thorough investigation on what CPOE is and whether or not it would have a positive impact on the EMR project. They should have not taken the step to start the project without already knowing the basics of CPOE. They might have had thought that since it is a computerized system everything would turn out okay and there would not be any problems. However, they fall short to recognize that the user’s knowledge and experience with using the CPOE system would have a significant influence on the effectiveness and productivity of the actual system.
I think that the best and most effective way to implement the process would be to add in past information or data in the system, doing this will help because when old information is keyed into the system, it would help the system get used to the data that is being input into the system. This will definitely make new and upcoming data being added to the system becomes faster, accurate and efficient and also the work will be easier for the ...

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...takes to set up information in the system. The level of understanding would improve through partaking or getting involved and henceforth could be adapted easily. All the bits and pieces of the project would rapidly increase or grow as per the workflow process. At the end, the overall CPOE system should be able to compare the manual method with the new electronic system and tell which is best and accurate to use and also tell how much time and money will be saved when using either system. At the end of the project the team should be able to come together and discuss whether or not the project met all of the company’s needs such as if it is reliable, efficient, safe and secure and also does it save time and money. Then, if the system has more advantages than disadvantages and it is worth all of the team’s time and effort it would be best to continue with the project.

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