Evaluating The Accuracy Of The Methods Used Essay

Evaluating The Accuracy Of The Methods Used Essay

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Three IRMs were used in order to evaluate the accuracy of the methods used. Three different methods for sample preparation were first investigated. The agreement between the results of these methods is good, generally better than 5%. These results led to the conclusion that the three dissolution methods found to be useful and effective techniques capable of dissolving major elements from oil ash samples. The average concentrations of V, Ni, Fe, Pb and Zn determined in the three IRMs by ICP-MS, AA, EDXRF and INAA are reported in Table 6.
ICP-MS offers extremely high sensitivity and low detection limits While, detection limits of INAA analysis were quite high, due to the high concentration of nickel and zinc. A comparison of the results shows that, the most measured value of V, Ni, Fe, Pb and Zn were in a good agreement with their expected values of the prepared IRMs. EDXRF, as compared to other techniques, enable a fast, sensitive, accurate and simple simultaneous multi-element analysis. Though EDXRF was the analytical techniques of choice for the determination of major elements in twelve different oil ash samples. All the average results of five replicate analysis are shown in Table 7 and plotted in Fig. 3.

It is obvious that significant amounts of V, Ni and Fe appear as major elements in all ash samples. On the other hand, the amount of Zn and Pb is much lower. Though the quantity of each element was quite similar in Kuriemat and Shoubra El Kheima power plants, both use HFO and natural gas as a mixed fuel, slight differences in composition between boiler and fly ash were found. Compared to Walidia power plant, which use only HFO, much lower concentration was detected.
Comparison of the elemental composition of fly ash from Eg...

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...position of fly ash without collection system (Egypt) and with (KAS) were investigated. ICP-MS, AA, INAA and EDXRF are suitable for studying the major elements in oil ashes, However EDXRF has many advantages: it is a multielements, much faster, no pretreatments (dissolution or activation) was required. According to the results, the EDXRF method could be applied to analyze different oil fly and boiler ash varying in a wide range.
Based on the results of this work, it may be concluded that the recovery of V and Ni could be an economic and attractive alternative to the oil ashes landfill to minimize the environmental hazards associated with oil ash.
All Egyptian thermal power plants not equipped with ash removal and electrostatic precipitators should be used to reduce the emissions of particulates containing high levels of toxic heavy metals to prevent air pollution.

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