Essay on Evaluating School Counseling Programs: Needs Assessment for Students

Essay on Evaluating School Counseling Programs: Needs Assessment for Students

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Needs Assessment
Developmental School Counseling and Pupil Services

In determining schools effective counseling practices, school counselors have a responsibility in showing that their programs are effective. A needs assessment will determine what works and which areas need improvement. Measuring results is crucial in determining success from failure. Evaluating counseling programs holds counselors accountable and allows them to do their work effectively.
The assessment is designed to identify the major issues, concerns and challenges facing students who are being bullied. Particular emphasis is being placed on how these students’ educational needs are being affected as a result of being bullied. The results will be used as follows: (1) to help guide the counseling programs towards developing effective intervention for bullying in schools (2) to examine the nature and causes of bullying (3) to implement bullying policies that outlines consequences and (4) to create a safe environment for students. Victims of bullying often benefit from interventions that are designed to increase their self-esteem which protects them from future bullying (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2003). Bullying can take many shapes; it can be in the form of hurtful teasing, physical violence, threats, humiliation as well as destruction of student’s personal property. These things can cause students to be unhappy to the point where it affects their academic performance and interest in school. The most effective way of addressing bullying in schools is through a comprehensive school counseling program (Atlas & Pepler, 1998).
The needs assessment will target middle school students. A survey will be given to students in grades 6 through 8. The purpose of targetin...

... middle of paper ... that addresses intervening in bullying incidents, conferences with parents of student who bullies, counseling high risk students and creating a learning environment for children to learn and grow.


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