Evaluating Myself As A Leader Essay

Evaluating Myself As A Leader Essay

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In evaluating myself as a leader I have found that I have many weaknesses that need to be improved upon before being able to lead effectively. This may because I have never really been in a position of leadership, subsequently falling into a follower’s role most of my life. Even though I am not comfortable in a position of leadership, I do exhibit many of the strengths that good leaders need in order to succeed. I feel that I have a strong belief and value system that has helped to guide me through many difficult situations. At the core of my beliefs and values are a belief in morality and ethics, kindness, compassion, empathy, hard work, love, good will towards others, a belief that everyone has something good to offer, a love of learning and knowledge, honesty, respect, and friendship. I believe that a good leader needs to be able to understand and relate to others and these traits help me to do so on a regular basis. Additionally I believe I am always learning, especially from my mistakes. This will help me in a leadership role because I will be able to learn from and take responsibility for my mistakes, thus inspiring the confidence and trust from others that I must have to effectively lead.
My passions, strengths, and weaknesses help me to step into a leadership role by allowing me to quietly lead by example. I try to do the best that I can in everything that I do and find it devastating when I do not live up to my expectations. This has been especially difficult this year because for the first time in a long time I learned what true failure. Partly due to circumstances that I could not control I was not able to successfully finish my spring semester of school. This has pushed back the completion of my degree and subsequent ...

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...ership encompasses many different characteristics and values that empower a person to direct others towards a shared vision. This can only be done by establishing and sharing a clear vision, providing the information and tools necessary to achieve the vision, and coordinating the conflicting interests of group members. In essence a leader will think creatively and outside the box and step up when necessary if a crisis presents its self. It is these types of traits that help to inspire group members to engage in the active pursuit of attaining the group’s goals and objectives. Consequently in order to achieve great leadership a person must know themselves inside and out and be able to inspire others through compassion, empathy, and wisdom. In order to accomplish effective leadership a good leader must exemplify their beliefs and values throughout there every action.

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