Evaluating If All Americans Get An Equal Shot At Success Essay

Evaluating If All Americans Get An Equal Shot At Success Essay

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When evaluating if all Americans get an equal shot at success, I can’t help but ponder my bias personal thoughts and upbringing. I grew up in a very loving and hard-working middle class home, with both parents, 5 siblings in rural Gig Harbor, in the 1970/80’s. My father was a local truck driver, making a very modest income and my mother stayed at home, taking care of us children. My parents worked extremely hard to provide for the family, raising farm animals to fill the freezer, gardened 3 acres every year, to process over 1,000 jars of canned fruits and vegetables. My parents valued hard work and education, emphasizing their desire for their children to do better for themselves, by learning from their mistakes.
I thought the entire world lived the same harmonious life, that I was privileged to have been born into. After joining the United States Navy, at age 18, I quickly realized the privileged and sheltered live that I had grown up in, was not the norm. As simple as it seems, it hit me like a ton of bricks, when during week one of boot camp, all 82 of us women had to be assessed...

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