Essay on Evaluating Different Family Dynamics and Its Effect on the Children

Essay on Evaluating Different Family Dynamics and Its Effect on the Children

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In Robert Kuttner’s article “The Politics of Family” he broadly examines the wide scope of family from an outside perspective. Kuttner frequently uses the words “most Americans” throughout his essay, looking at both the right and left wing element of politics on the issue. In Susan Dominus’s article, ”Growing up with Mom and Mom” Dominus navigates through this topic with the foundation being an interview with Ry Russo-Young who is born and raised by a lesbian couple through artificial insemination. Although both articles may vary in perspective, the two writers agree that there is still much controversy on the issues of marriage, family and social politics.

Family is a touchy subject for most people; everyone has an opinion how to raise your family and what is best. As Kuttner states “few people care (married or single) unless kids are involved.” (Kuttner, 2002) Even if that is so, it is agreed that children benefit from being raised by a loving family with a strong support network, especially by a married couple. Love may not cure a lot of things but love within a family and the community such as social supports is defiantly agreed to prove most beneficial for children and family in general. Although some believe there may be opposing views on what makes a family and what is best for children, love and support is something everyone seems to agree upon. It makes one wonder why with this agreement, why there is such a push for welfare mothers to back to work if welfare is actually needed, and with the possible sacrifice of the children’s welfare. Family which has been continuously redefined, is moving away from the aura where woman didn’t have rights or were confined to the household, into an aura where gay couples can ...

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...uch as Ry to be open about their parents. Social politics and the changes of social politics will

Both writers address shifts in attitudes on the issues of marriage, family, social politics. They both have different perspectives, one from a generalized view and one from a more intimate interview with one case. Even so, both Kuttner and Dominus demonstrate that there is still much debates around these issues and there is much to be done, what needs to be done depends on what side of the argument you are on. Our society is changing, and in despite the debates it’s just a matter of time before everyone has equal rights, and equal opportunity to be married and have a family.

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