Essay on Evaluating Change Over Time In Organizations

Essay on Evaluating Change Over Time In Organizations

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After reviewing and researching the literature with respect to organizational changes, I have come to the conclusion that organizations have always changed. When everything in the world is changing, organization cannot remain islands. They must change to face new challenges. Bolman and Deal (2008) claim organizations have changed about as much as in past few decades as in the preceding century. Bolman and Deal (2008) claim means that the change organizations have experienced in the last decade are almost similar to those they experience in at the end of the twentieth century.
However, in my opinion this is not entirely true, although some of the changes organizations have experienced in the last decade are a product of changes and developments that started in the last decade of the last century. However, in the last decade, organizations have experienced enormous changes in the way they operate largely due to technological developments, increased specialization and outsourcing to highlight a few of the major changes. Therefore, I do not entirely agree with Bolman and Deal’s (2008) statement.
Companies create value and competitive advantage through their activities. Organizational culture should support company value creation according to selected way of competing. The content of organizational culture must be congruent that is, compatible with the selected way of shaping values in company’s activities and processes Muratovic (2013). In my humble opinion what Muratovic states is true and culture is critical to any type of organizational changes. Organizational culture influences everything within an organization and culture influences the success of change strategies.
Members of an organization are more likely to em...

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