Evaluating Alp Student Outcomes On Determining Whether Or Not A Program Is Effective

Evaluating Alp Student Outcomes On Determining Whether Or Not A Program Is Effective

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Simply evaluating ALP student outcomes would add little value in determining whether or not a program is effective. One issue I see with all forms of the analysis is that the student was able to “elect to participate” (Cho et al., 2012, p.1). According to U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation, Regional Assistance [U.S. DOE], (2003), “The comparison group should not be comprised of individuals who had the option to participate in the intervention but declined” (p. 12). It seems that when studies are not randomized it decreases the effectiveness of the study. As stated by the U.S. DOE, (2003), “Randomized controlled trials are a critical factor in establishing “strong” evidence of an intervention’s effectiveness” (p.5).
Utilizing many years of data and following a student over the course of a longer period is a good way of determining the effectiveness of a program. As stated by Cho et al., (2012), “Across all 10 cohorts of students who enrolled in ENGL052, students were followed through the end of fall 2011, for at least one full academic year after their ENGL052 semester” (p.3). As stated by U.S. DOE, (2003), “The study should preferably obtain data on long-term outcomes of the intervention so that you can judge whether the intervention’s effect were sustained over time” (p.7).

Show understanding of why and how the report author(s) specified the intervention(s). Why/How Intervention(s)
Cho et al., (2012), stated the following:
Under the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), students who enrolled in upper-level developmental writing and who elect to participate in the program are “mainstreamed” into English 101 (ENGL101, an...

... middle of paper ...

...istics (observed and unobserved) except one – namely, the intervention group participates in the intervention, and the control group does not (p.2).
Missing Information/ Missing Learning Opportunity
Adding more groups to the study would be beneficial. It may also be beneficial to untie the income from the race and analyze the results based on a low-income group to a high-income group. Although they collected the data separately, they grouped it together when they wrote their findings. Finally, it would be beneficial to allow any student to participate in the program even if they scored into the college-level courses because of the small class sizes. This is because if though a student may be test ready, they may still be uncertain about some aspects of English. This may help them create a strong foundation for continued success in college in genera.

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