Essay about Euthanasia: We Have the Right to Die

Essay about Euthanasia: We Have the Right to Die

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Carol Bernstein Ferry took her own life in June, 2001. She was diagnosed with emphysema and given between six months and a year to live. When she was diagnosed, she could only think of the pain and distress inflicted on her and her family associated with an impossible battle against her disease. Carol Bernstein ended her life in a dignified, peaceful and painless manner and believed strongly in the right for others to do the same. (Harris, 16) Euthanasia, or physician assisted suicide, is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Voluntary, passive euthanasia is a controversial topic in the U.S. but for no good reasons; the practice should be legal because it provides further freedom to our citizens and relieves the suffering of those who are terminally ill, as long as it is performed by qualified physicians who are carefully monitored.
Not all euthanasia was created equally. There is voluntary and involuntary euthanasia, (although it is fairly universally agreed upon that involuntary suicide is just murder) and there is passive and active euthanasia. Passive Euthanasia is the intentional withdrawal of medical care so that the patient dies. Passive euthanasia is mainly debated in situations where the patient is receiving life support. Whether or not we should “pull the plug” on patients has been a hotly debated topic since the 1970’s and the birth of the “Right to Die” movement, often stirring up lots of media attention. (Medina, 16)
“The Right to Die” movement originated during the benchmark case of Karen Ann Quinlan. Quinlan went into a coma after ingesting large amounts of alcohol and prescription drugs when she was 21. She needed a feeding tube and respirato...

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... fears of the most extreme and distorted forms of the practice. Legalizing physician assisted suicide is not putting us on the road to genocide. It is only hastening a natural right of passage for all living things, death, to those who need it most.
No one should have to look into a loved one’s eyes and tell them that they have no option to die with dignity, only to live with pain.

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