Euthanasia Should Not Protect The Autonomy And Dignity Of Human Beings Essay

Euthanasia Should Not Protect The Autonomy And Dignity Of Human Beings Essay

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Euthanasia does not undermine the autonomy and dignity of human beings. Since, suffering an incurable illness is living like a vegetable. By becoming stapled to your bed or being immobilized in any way. Seeing that living with a fatal illness makes a person 's life miserable, it can create loss of freedom with euthanasia being the only way out. Known types of this assistive suicide are collectively called active and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is explicitly taking measures to end somebody 's life, whilst restraining treatment to end a someone 's life is known as passive euthanasia. For example, active euthanasia is when a lethal drug is given to end someone 's life, and passive euthanasia would be when all types of treatments are stopped because none of them have any positive effect. In this era the field of medicine has advanced to a greater magnitude, however, some terminal illnesses still have no cure. It 's conditions like these which I believe allow euthanasia, also widely known as 'mercy killing ', to act as a means of painlessly letting someone go.
Some people with a terminal illness are unable to move certain parts of their body, in fact most of them are completely paralyzed or are surviving through a life support system. I think that a person living such a life is nothing but a human vegetable. Who is dependent on someone else for anything they want to do, for instance they wouldn 't be able to get out of the bed without someone 's support. Dignity is a sense of pride or rather self-respect that people have for themselves, and I strongly believe that this act of dependence on others will undermine someone 's dignity, not euthanasia. On the contrary continuing to live in this horrendous condition would cause...

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...ia is relieving someone from their immense pain and suffering. Thus, I certainly do not promote murder, however, I do believe that both euthanasia and murder are poles apart.
Ultimately, euthanasia does not undermine the autonomy and dignity of human beings. I strongly believe that euthanasia gives terminally ill individuals liberation from physical/psychological pain and suffering. It allows for the painless demise of individuals who are mentally and physically immobilized. For example, an individual who is in a comma for many years with no treatment proven to be affective for them, could be someone on who euthanasia would be performed to end their suffering. Incurable illnesses or treatments which have no effect on terminally ill people are prevalent in today 's society. Euthanasia acts as a method to end their phase of suffering by painlessly letting them go.

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