Euthanasia Should Not Be Recognized Essay

Euthanasia Should Not Be Recognized Essay

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Nothing drives the passion and stirs controversially, especially in the United States, more than horrendous stories of euthanasia. Ever since Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a former pathologist, who assisted people with terminal illness to help end their lives. A man inflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease, partaking his own life, Dr. Jack Kevorkian videotaped the moment of death and showing it on “60 Minutes” which has stirred up whether or not euthanasia “the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma”, can be classified as murder or ending someone unbearable suffering. Euthanasia should not be recognized at all as it undermines the overall worth of human life, it is destructive to the practice of medicine and it is an act of killing which must not be accommodated in the legal system.

Asking if people have the right to choose a painless death is exceedingly controversial because of the moral and social aspects, human rights, and medical and legal implications involved. “Rather than resorting to helping patients commit suicide, it would be far better to invest properly in palliative care and to encourage a culture in which no one is left to face an uncertain future alone. We should build a society that more than just acknowledges the pain of others, and rather seeks to bear their suffering alongside them - in recognition that life is often hard but, ultimately, precious” (Sunday Telegraph 2014).

Many educated arguments can be made for both sides of the spectrum. The most obvious argument opposing euthanasia is that is it technically murder. To some, it is seen as taking an innocent life and fulfilling their wishes. Euthanasia violates the Hippocratic Oath but some say “Most of t...

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian is the reason why euthanasia occurred. Many hated Dr. Kevorkian for the belief that euthanasia is the right way to end someone life. He often fought in courts so many times to get euthanasia legal but never worked. On the whole, I believe euthanasia shouldn’t become legal in the US because it’s a destructive way of practice and sometimes the patients may feel like there obligated to committed suicide because they may feel like a financial burden. Sometimes you have to look at life from a different perspective because there is always someone worst off than you. Also, sometimes you think you are doing bad until you hear someone else’s story. Even though patients may have terminal illnesses, doctors should encourage them to fight not discourage them to commit suicide. Life is like a rollercoaster, you and down but good always out ways the bad.

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