Euthanasia Should Approve in this World Essay

Euthanasia Should Approve in this World Essay

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Euthanasia Should Approve In This World


Euthanasia is derived from a Greek word 'euthanatos' which means 'easy death' (BBC Ethics Guide, 2012). In simple ways it is the way to choose death to get relieve from the pain and sufferings of a disease which is prolonged and cannot be cured. This is the main reason which raises various social, moral and ethical issues in whether Euthanasia or mercy killing should be allowed or not. There are various definitions provided to justify the negative concept associated with euthanasia. One very common definition of euthanasia is “the deliberate, rapid and painless termination of life of a person afflicted with incurable and progressive disease”(Roy, Williams & Dickens quoted by Foreman,2003, p.95). Euthanasia is usually self-administered or in some conditions the patient is not in such condition that he could not even commit suicide. In these conditions a patient requires assistance of family members and physicians to provide a lethal dose or injection that can finish his life. This is a very painful moment for the patient as well as for the family members to decide such a thing, this pain is much less than what the patient actually suffers and to watch his sufferings and pain is itself a torture for the family members. All over the world, this concept was opposed on the ethical, moral and religious grounds. It was considered illegal and criminal act to practice any such act or provide any kind of assistance in it.

Despite all these oppositions and legal issues the practice and demand for Euthanasia kept increasing. Most of these involve the patients who involved in any incurable disease or in any kind of suffering require proper concern to resolve this issue. In this way it wa...

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