Euthanasia is Both Ethical and Moral

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Euthanasia is the act of mercifully putting one out of their misery. It sounds like something that would be widely accepted in many cases. The problem with this is that it poses as a morality issue for people. This is why legalizing it everywhere is a problem. However one’s view may be on the subject, I for one completely support the practice of assisted suicide. I see nothing wrong with having an option of putting someone out of their misery when they are in so much pain. Regardless, this is such a controversial topic people can’t seem to agree on. For others to choose their standing point on this topic, history must be analyzed to better understand why euthanasia is controversial. According to the history books, euthanasia is a procedure that has been with us since the times before the Common Era. It has been done before so why is it such a problem now? During the time of the Ancient Greek, there weren’t much of an inherently value on human life and the influence of Christianity hadn’t existed either. Performing abortions, committing suicide and active euthanasia was among common practices during that time. Many civilians hoped for a merciful death rather than prolonged pain. Similar to how things are today, there are cases where a family member may ask to be put off life support if the agonizing pain continues. The real issue of the matter is whether or not the doctor should take them off the life support. After the fall of Rome, it seems that the influence of the Church began to draw the lines of morality; what’s right and what’s wrong. With the belief that human life was sacred in the eyes of God, euthanasia became a forbidden practice in those times. That belief carried on for generations to come. Through time it is outlaw... ... middle of paper ... ...fe. My point is that they should at least have the option; keeping someone on life support for so many years with wishful thinking is absurd. Physician assisted suicide is legal in four states in the United States but euthanasia is illegal in all fifty states. It’s only legal in three countries—a large change needs to happen. Euthanasia is morally the correct thing to do when everyone willingly consents to it. That is why it should be legal. Works Cited "Belgian Senate Panel to Vote." Guardian News and Media, 26 Nov. 2013. Web. 04 Dec. 2013. Dowbiggin, Ian, and Michael Manning. "Historical Timeline - Euthanasia." ProConorg Headlines., 23 July 2013. Web. 04 Dec. 2013.
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