Euthanasia Is A Kindness, By Harriet Mcbryde Johnson Essay examples

Euthanasia Is A Kindness, By Harriet Mcbryde Johnson Essay examples

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Euthanasia is a Kindness
“’Euthanasia’ means, according to the dictionary, ‘a gentle and easy death’, but it is now used to refer to the killing of those who are incurably ill and in great pain or distress, for the sake of those killed, and in order to spare them further suffering or distress.” (Singer 1). The option of euthanasia provides a way for certain individuals to escape from a life of constant pain and suffering. In many cases this option relates to severely disabled children and individuals in comas who cannot independently function, depend on life support systems, or are already clinically dead. In the articles “Taking Lives” by Peter Singer and “Unspeakable Conversations” by Harriet McBryde Johnson, the authors discuss two completely different viewpoints on the argument of whether people should be allowed to use voluntary euthanasia as a last resort.
Children born with severe birth defects may need an entire life of constant professional care and uncertain physical and mental capabilities. Although Ms. Johnson disagrees with that by stating “Those later in life adapt” (Johnson 5) ,but that’s not always the case. There are disabilities that cannot allow people to adapt. For example,“Some doctors closely connected with children suffering from severe spina-bifida believe that the lives of the worst affected children are so miserable that it is wrong to resort to surgery to keep them alive.” (Singer 2). Individuals born with these abnormalities tend to live a life full of painful surgeries in the hopes of correcting the disability, but sometimes the lives of these individuals are too miserable to resort to these corrective surgeries. “Published descriptions of the lives of these children support the judgment that these ...

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...y come from to pay for type of care? The individual’s family may not be able to provide the financial stability for such care.
The option of euthanasia is a complex topic with many viewpoints. Parents with fetuses who have abnormalities should have the option to terminate the pregnancy to prevent pain and disadvantages the child will have their whole life. Disabilities affect the whole family. These individuals will always need help in some way, and some families can’t provide that specific care for those individuals. In the cases of people in a chronic comatose states, that is not living and no way to live. A chronic comatose victim cannot function independently. A chronic comatose victim 's body may be alive but their minds are not to world and people around them. The option of Euthanasia is not something to look down upon, it is a unique human and humane kindness.

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