Euthanasia Is A Death Of Life Essay

Euthanasia Is A Death Of Life Essay

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Life is a cycle. We are born, we live the life we are given, we die and are reborn again. Everyone lives to accomplish or achieve greatness in the world, make a difference. We are human beings, not vampires, we have blood rushing throughout our veins which makes us alive not immoral. We aren’t meant to live forever, which is why death is part of our cycle of life. Some people suffer when death is near, some are pain free. We make choices for ourselves, just like we make mistakes and learn from them, we have rights, rights to our body and soul. Not everyone enjoys their death because they might suffer. Euthanasia is a painless “assisted physical suicide” it is an option given to terminally ill patients who are suffering and no longer wish to live. It’s a choice given, a choice people have rights too. Many people believe it’s godless, but it’s iniquitous to make a person live, when they’re suffering from pain physically and emotionally. We have human rights, It’s financially affordable and doesn’t leave family members in debt from medical bills, and even if it’s considered religiously wrong not everyone is religious and everyone believes in different things. Euthanasia should be legal and optional for terminally ill people.
If we don’t have the right to our lives, than what do we have rights to? What we want to do with our body should be our decision. Murder is when someone takes someone else’s life, do they have the right to? Legally no but they still do. When it comes down to a person making their own decision for their own life or death situation shouldn’t they be granted the rights? Heather Newton an author wrote “All around the world, the act of taking someone’s life is considered murder, but euthanasia is an exception to the ...

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... as a dignified moral and godly choice for those suffering with terminal illnesses." Life is a gift from god, suicide is a sin and taking someone’s life is also a sin. No one should suffer, god wouldn’t want his children to suffer. Euthanasia is a peaceful death, a death that is painless and emotionally moving, it is unethical to make someone suffer based on religious principles.
Euthanasia is a choice, and option for people who don’t want to suffer and die without acknowledging that yesterday was the last day they had to say goodbye, but didn’t have the chance to. Euthanasia is planned, with the patient knowing what they want to do, whom they want to say goodbye to, and leave the world without the feeling of emptiness. Euthanasia should be legal and offered or considered an option for terminally ill people, it’s they’re life and body so it should be they’re choice.

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