Essay about Euthanasia in The Netherlands: Death Is Not a Doctor's Duty

Essay about Euthanasia in The Netherlands: Death Is Not a Doctor's Duty

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“No problem is solved by destroying the thing involved” (Fenigsen). Euthanasia could be defined as destroying the person with the problem in general terms. By euthanizing the person with the disease, nothing substantial is accomplished. By legalizing euthanasia, doctors are taking advantage of the power they are given to heal people. Also, patients feel pressured to make decisions they might not necessarily want to make. The medical field is focused on euthanasia as an option to actually treating the patients, so patients do not feel safe being admitted into hospitals. These are major problems that are being produced due to the use of euthanasia. Although the legalization of euthanasia in the Netherlands was meant to ease the suffering of patients, the abuse of this decision has led to inhumane and immoral decision making in the healthcare community.
A major problem of the legalization of euthanasia is that doctors are taking advantage of their power. These doctors are performing euthanasia for many reasons just to make their own lives easier. “When these doctors are brought to trial for these acts, they are rarely found guilty. Their excuse is that they are acting out of higher necessity for the hospital system, which is an accepted excuse in the courts” (Fenigsen). Involuntary euthanasia is another problem that is coming up often. According to Diane Gianelli from the American Medical News, 2,000 physicians claim to administer pain medications to kill their patients. This shows that these physicians are either incredibly unskilled at providing the appropriate dosage of pain medications, or they are purposely ending their patients lives without their consent. Euthanasia is also being used as an excuse for the doctors’ mistakes. “...

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