Euthanasia For Terminally Ill Patients Essay examples

Euthanasia For Terminally Ill Patients Essay examples

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As complex diseases and illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart failure, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc., continue to suppress people with pain, emotional suffering and stress, euthanasia offers an outlet to harmonize this pestilence. With this said, it is critical that we condition the next generation of individual with the knowledge necessary to endorse euthanasia for terminally ill patients.
As a proponent of human euthanasia, I strongly believe that those with a terminal illness should have the right to a clean painless death with the assistance of a physician, rather than the drawn-out and painful natural death that some will otherwise experience. Even though everyone gets to personalize their own definition of suffering. Apart from the agonizing pain suffered by patient and loved ones, euthanasia will reconcile the loss of autonomy, diminishing ability to engage in the activities that make life enjoyable, and loss of dignity.

Euthanasia also known as assisted suicide is the practice of assisting the suicide of a terminally ill individual, who may have otherwise progress in excessive pain and suffering before death occurs. Euthanasia practice is banned in most countries, including the United States of America based on moral ground as well as a precaution against a potential "snowball effect" in killing and or abusive use- though these reasons are irrational. According to Andrusko 2015, surveys conducted in California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and montan (states with legal immunity for euthanasia) legalizing assisted suicide would not unleash an anti-life genii which would wreak widespread havoc.

The solution to ensure an appropriate infrastructure for euthanasia is articulated properly is to have it implemented throu...

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...nts’ right, and alleviate the emotional trauma that is often experienced by patients and their family as a result of terminally ill loved ones. Furthermore, I desire to see more younger generation vocalizing their stance on the fundamental importance of having a proper structure in place to honor patients autonomy and choices.
Lastly, I desire to see a legislation in place mandating advance directives for everyone capable of making their own respective choice while they are of sound mind to do so. As a result of these actions, health care professional and loved ones can legally honor a patient’s intention without interference from their family.

In conclusion, for many, euthanasia is often a difficult topic to explore, as illness and debilitating accident plaque peoples lives, the need to have a more open dialogue with generations to come becomes imminent.

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