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Whose responsibility is it to decide when, where, and under what conditions a person is to die? This question inevitably brings up discussion of spirituality, beliefs, and legislation. Euthanasia is an idea that has been around for decades yet as we progress in technology and medical competency the discussion screams to be addressed formally by passing legislature. Euthanasia must be taken out of the hands of lawmakers and put into the hands of the thousands fatally ill patients trapped in their own bodies and/or minds. It is our responsibility as a society of profound thinking individuals to discuss this difficult and troubling issue that has plagued the lives of families all over the entire world. We must debate on an issue that requires discussion of varying religious beliefs and facing uncomfortable truths.
When debating a topic so sensitive and misunderstood as euthanasia it is important to understand not only the terminology included in the discussion but both sides of the debate. First we must start with the definitions of Euthanasia and the other forms of assisted suicide. I call on Professor John Keown of Cambridge University to define euthanasia as such, “the active, intentional termination of a patient’s life by a doctor who thinks that death is a benefit to that patient.” That being said there are several forms of Euthanasia and assisted suicide and once again we look to Keown to settle any discrepancies. He states,
The most important aspect to the euthanasia debate like all debates is making sure the parties involved fully understand the facts and the opposing view points on this issue. First and foremost we must define Euthanasia and all of the possible forms it can take. Voluntary active euthanasia (VAE), gener...

... middle of paper ... legislature allowing the practice of euthanasia or other assisted suicide practices on the fatally ill. The legislature will not demand any one-person practice euthanasia but rather allows people the opportunity to end their lives in the way they deem fit. In the same respect practitioners will also not be expected to provide this care to its patients. Countless surveys and other findings show us that the general public is for the right to choose between the planned and painless death by euthanasia and the drawn out painful death that is currently commonplace all over America. Euthanasia requires a unified voice to propel it into discussion for legislature. It is known that in America people place there rights and freedom above all other causes, therefore it is important that they stand for the right to pass on under their own wishes not the wishes of lawmakers.

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