Essay on Euthanasia, an Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

Essay on Euthanasia, an Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

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Voluntary euthanasia is defined as the act of killing someone painlessly, especially to relieve suffering from an incurable illness, with their consent (Collins English Dictionary, 2013). The morality and legal aspect of voluntary euthanasia has been a debate for many years. Voluntary euthanasia is a significant ethical dilemma that impacts nursing practice and other professionals in the healthcare field. With the utilization of ethical principles and theories, voluntary euthanasia can be deemed appropriate in some situations, but still can be a moral dilemma to those involved. This paper will discuss four people’s opinions about euthanasia that come from four different backgrounds as well as the group’s opinion about euthanasia.
The first interview that was conducted was with a hospital administrator who was over Baptist Healthcare. He was asked about “what would influence his position regarding euthanasia.” He said that he is against euthanasia as he sees it from the Christian point of view. He said that life is sacred, and as a healthcare administrator his business and the philosophy of healthcare is to assist with lifesaving methods, not assist with death. In his hospital he would never allow assisted suicide as it goes against his hospitals mission statement. He said that Baptist Hospital’s mission statement is as follows: to provide superior service based on Christian values to improve the quality of life for people and communities served. He went on to say that the Bible states that “Thou shalt not kill,” which is what he believes, so he would not allow this. He went on to say that he is aware that it is not legal in the state of Florida, so he is happy that it is probable not a situation that he will need to address in ...

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...dent to allow someone to suffer in the name of God. Even if someone sincerely wants to be euthanatized, this may well be due to depression or to a misapprehension of their true prognosis. Palliative specialists report that such requests are often used by patients to assess their worth and value to others. A positive response merely confirms their worst fears and such a decision, once acted upon, is irreversible (Beale and Horner, ND). This subject will continue to be a controversial subject which will continue to be debated for years to come.

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