Euthanasia: A Deliberate Choice Essay

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Our society tends to approach compassionately towards those who suffer most of the time. We feel as though we have a social obligation to extend beyond our reach to help others despite having little or no association with others. However, this social obligation does extend to the practice of Euthanasia. Individuals are denied the right of advancing their death given the distress associated with their circumstances. This poses a critical need for re-evaluation of our laws that restrict these rights as we devalue the dignity of these lives and take away their freedoms for the worse. Drawing upon the insights of utilitarianism and Kantanian ethics, this essay will attempt to argue that the terminally ill and those of old age with limited capabilities who wish to die should be able to be euthanized.

Firstly, I would like to assert that those who are living under the circumstances of being terminally ill might find themselves incapable of performing the necessary mental and physical activities that produce any possible amount of happiness in their lives. I do not mean happiness in the sense of neurological stimulation from chemical hallucinogens or the like. I ascribe a happiness that is associated from being able to live as a human being in general. This includes interaction with others, the ability to be able to care for oneself, the ability to be able to choose one’s goals, decisions, thoughts, actions and a sense of belonging, well-being, meaningfulness as well as progressivism.

If others find themselves in a state of self-destructive thought processes due to disease or terminal illnesses, or habits, we have an obligation to provide care or to reduce pain as much as possible as physicians. Although, pain is necessary for prev...

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...something meaningless for which we either achieve everything or for which we may never be satisfied. A decision made maybe regrettable but it does not justify stagnance nor imply that any permanent-consequential action to be undesirable to the extent by which we should not enact.

For these reasons stated, an individual should be allowed to euthanize him or herself at the explicit judgement of one’s life to partake an action that involves voluntary advancement of death due to the nature of undesirable circumstances that either proceed within a limited time interval or have already taken place. It is to our duty and our most moral capability to allow or grant such an act out of the principle of human liberty, a respect for human dignity and to possess a greater understanding of the implications of value of human life in relation to other human beings.

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