Euthanasi The Medical And Legal Worlds Essay

Euthanasi The Medical And Legal Worlds Essay

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Euthanasia, otherwise known as mercy killing or good death, is used to help end the suffering of a patient in an irreversible state of health, like severe cases of Lou Gehrig’s disease or severe burn victims. Many believe that it is immoral to go against natural survival instincts, while others wish to legalize it to help end the pain of those suffering. The main argument over euthanasia is whether or not it should even be allowed to exist within the medical and legal worlds. Euthanasia has caused many controversies and lawsuits that will continue until euthanasia is fully denied or accepted by society.
Euthanasia was first recorded in Greek and Roman times.The word euthanasia originates from the two Greek words “eu”, meaning good, or easy and “thanatos” meaning death. In the time of Romans and Greeks euthanasia was a popular method to end pain and suffering, like the Spartans ridding of infants with disabilities or those unfit for survival. Euthanasia in Greek and Roman times was also used to end the lives of fallen soldiers who could not recover from their injuries. In modern times many people do not support this ideology because it goes against religion and many laws, thus making it immoral to them. Euthanasia is a mercy killing by someone who feels that the patient is suffering far too much, and that it is better for them to die, rather than live.
Then morality began to play a role in if euthanasia is ethical or wrong in all ways. In the viewpoint of Christianity and Judaism euthanasia goes against God’s will and goes against the text in bible that says no man shall ever commit murder of any kind. They also believe it goes against the God’s granting of life and the natural process of life.
In modern times governments and med...

... middle of paper ... along the process of euthanasia, without being penalized by the law. Then there is Oregon, which has a similar act to Vermont’s act. Yet it requires the person to be an Oregon citizen. (
Euthanasia, or merciful death has caused many controversies throughout the years. Starting another large movement in the 1990’s, it has continued to become another large topic. Because of its ways surrounding premature death, and the idea of suicide, it has received much backlash, even though it was widely used in ancient times. As philosopher Margaret Battin had said, “I think it’s really an issue of control… Who is going to have control? The person who is dying? Or the person caring for the one who is dying?” (Bloyd 104). The conflict over euthanasia will not end until a final point is reached, if that means legalizing it, or even completely banning it from society.

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