Euthanasi The Act Of Mercy Or Murder? Essay

Euthanasi The Act Of Mercy Or Murder? Essay

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Legalizing Euthanasia: The Act of Mercy or Murder?
Nowadays, as technology has rapidly developed in such an advance speed, scientists have invented lots of new cures for many rare diseases, which may extend the longevity of human life. However, not any diseases has a cure. Patients of cancer or of some incurable diseases still have to suffer from pains and fight, every single day, against their illnesses. Because some of their pains are so severe, some patients can’t endure but seek for death through their physicians as a way to free themselves from the pains. (The method of killing patients assisted by physicians is called euthanasia.) Throughout the world, euthanasia is still a new concept to mankind and not being widely recognized. Some advocates believe euthanasia is a mercy way to relieve the patients from suffering. However, opponents claim it is unethical and against God’s will when practicing euthanasia. In my perspective, the practice of legalizing euthanasia is morally wrong, easily being misused, and severely affected the development of medical treatment in the future.
To begin with, euthanasia, according to the ancient Greek, means “good death” or in our modern language, means “mercy killing”, or in a medical term as “assisted suicide” (Humphry). Basically, euthanasia is the intentional act of ending a long-term-sick patient’s life with or without his or her consent. Generally, there are four types of euthanasia: active euthanasia is the act of physicians who directly give patients lethal doses or medicines; passive euthanasia is the act of removing life-support equipment from the patients, especially the comatose one; voluntary euthanasia, which is the common type, is the act of killing a patient’s life with his or he...

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...e due to limited medical supplies, cures, and resources. Thus, the practice of euthanasia will cause doubt for the quality of future medical care and cause panic for patients that terminally ill.
To sum up, even though advocates of euthanasia believe it is morally right to regulate euthanasia to relieve the patients from continuous pains and let them die with dignity, opponents of euthanasia firmly claim legalizing euthanasia is considered to be unethical, easily being abused, and as an obstacle between the search for new treatments and incurable patients. In the future, whether or not to legalize euthanasia is still a controversy problem every nation as well as each individual has to mentally and physically deal with. However, based on the moral basis of the society and sanctity of life, each person hopefully will follow his/her conscience and make the right choice.

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